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Monday, 13 January 2014

TH: Evaluation

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JT: Evaluation

Evaluation Question 1

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Evaluation Question 4

Friday, 13 December 2013

JT: Final Contribution

  • In the last week my role in helping my group to finish our production by the deadline was the completion of the digipak.
  • We made a simplistic design that follows the theme of other advertisements made by Bastille for other singles such as 'Bad Blood' and 'Pompeii', with the same text theme.
  • We wanted to use our own original images and use the boy as the focus of the digipak to link it back to the narrative as he is the antagonist in the story and want the audience to sympathise with our protagonist.
  • Here is our final digipak -

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Group 8: Plan for Audience Research

  • Regarding audience research for our Music video and advertisement we plan to send out a survey of about 10 questions through the website Survey Monkey on the social media website Facebook. These questions will be closed, more simple questions that are not leading and give us quantitative data. We then plan to take a specific demographic from our target audience for our music genre for individual interviews that involve more open questions to attain qualitative data
  • In todays lesson we have begun as a group to consider questions about the narrative, band image and genre of the song. Such as 'has this changed your views of the band Bastille?' and 'Would this make you buy the track?'

TH: Final Contribution

In the last week I have contributed to doing the final editing:
  •  I added the font for our title at the very beginning. I did this by adding the bastille text to a photoshop project, I then filled the back with black. Then I imported the No Angels from the magazine advert. Then I put this over the title we originally had, cut it the length of 3 seconds. Finally I added fade to black either side in order to create a slow moving transition from the psycho clip to our video.
  • As well as this I edited the beginning of our video, as when doing some audience research we found the establishing shot of our video was not exciting and visually gripping. Therefore I changed it and had to change the length of some other clips to accommodate this.
  • Finally I deleted the sound, as it had been cut up. Then added a full mp3 of our song, being the full soundtrack.

NM: Final Contribution

  • Mr role in helping my group to finish our production by the deadline was the completion of my individual advert and the digipak.
  • I had originally finished my advert that was designed to run in NME, however on Friday 6th November I believed that I could use a more meaningful photograph.
  • I kept the text the same as it followed the conventions of both the bands imagery and the magazines design.
  • My final advert is shown below.

  • Furthermore I played a key role in the production of our digipak.